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Disinfecting is mission-critical these days. FRD Services LLC handles the job if you’re unsure where to turn. We offer complete COVID-19 disinfection services for businesses and residential customers across Maryland. With help from our team, we’ll treat your space, cut down on pathogens, and restore peace of mind.

Coronavirus Disinfection

At FRD Services LLC we know that traditional disinfection methods leave room for human error and don’t always saturate hard-to-reach surfaces in your building or office, which is why we offer electrostatic disinfection services that cover all areas down to the smallest crevice.

Believe it or not,

 Your office may be a breeding ground for harmful contaminants and viruses that linger in the air and on office equipment such as computers, chairs, and supplies. With growing numbers of Coronavirus in Maryland and around the globe, now more than ever, businesses in Maryland and the surrounding areas need to be taking the proper precautions to prevent the spread of harmful viruses and diseases that can compromise your health and put you, your workers, and your business in jeopardy.

At FRD Services LLC

We provide businesses in Maryland and the surrounding areas with licensed and insured duct cleaning and office disinfection services. Utilizing electrostatic technology, we rid your office, building, or business of Coronavirus and promote safe and secure working conditions for everyone on your team. Call us today to get a FREE quote and learn more about our Coronavirus disinfection services!

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FRD Services LLC also offers office disinfection services. Contact us today for a free estimate on our disinfection services!